The name of the Telegraph Offices business centre is based on the history of the building, because the first manual telephone exchange in Latvia was opened in this building at the beginning of last century – in 1902. Later it became the headquarters of the telephone company and the function of the building was connected to telephony up until the 1990s.

At the moment a complete renovation of the building is underway, preserving the architecture and historic identity of the building, while also using up-to-date engineering and technological solutions, to connect history with present day and to provide the highest level of comfort and service to our tenants.

  • Modern engineering solutions
  • An autonomous ventilation and cooling system for each floor (with individual energy meters)
  • A central heating system with temperature control for each room.
  • A modern, high-speed (optical) computer network
  • High-speed lifts
  • A flexible layout and room decoration solutions, with the option to customise them for the needs of each tenant.
  • Bright rooms with a high level of natural lighting
  • Economic LED lighting in the premises
  • Many openable windows, providing the option to use natural ventilation

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